R.S.M. 1987, c. L190

The Local Government Districts Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Incorporation.
3 Particulars included in letters patent.
4 Corporate powers of district.
5 Powers of district.
6 Government of district.
7 Statutory provisions made applicable.
(2) Amendment of or substitution for provisions made applicable.
8 Supplementary letters patent.
9 Power of Lieutenant Governor in Council.
(2) Disposition of revenues from certain Crown lands.
(3) No requirement of Mun. Board authorization.
(4) Appointment of officials and remuneration.
(5) Responsibility for payment of remuneration.
(6) Remuneration for local committee members.
(7) Authorization to district registrar.
(8) By-laws.
(9) Awards.
10 Appointment of board of revision.
(2) Quorum.
11 Annual meeting of electors.
12 Powers of Lieutenant Governor in Council respecting agreements.
(2) Provide lands for communal pastures.
(3) Regulate pastures.
(4) Close roads.
(5) Transfer taxes on exchanged lands.
(6) Authority for entries in records.
13 Annual estimates.
(2) Inclusion in estimates of cost of certain works.
(3) Over-expenditures.
(4) Payment of proceeds of public works levy.
14 Rate by-laws.
(2) Levy in part of district for certain local improvements.
(3) Verification of petition.
(4) Powers of resident administrator.
(5) Distribution of taxes.
15 Powers of resident administrator.
(2) By-laws to defray costs of fire fighting.
(3) By-laws for reserve fund.
16 Supervision.
17 Transferee of assets.
18 By-law for creation of unincorporated urban district.
(2) Administrator to call meetings of electors.
(3) Notice.
(4) Selection of committee.
(5) Term of office.
(6) Provisions respecting membership of five persons.
(7) Expiration of term.
(8) Election on first Tuesday in February in each year.
(9) Notice of election.
(10) Vacancies.
(11) Meetings.
(12) Chairman.
(13) Powers of committee.
(14) Limitation on levy.
(15) Payment of proceeds of levies.
(16) Annual statement.
(17) Effect of failure to file statement.
(18) Member of committee not to contract with district
(19) Penalty.
19 Transfer of records.
20 Delegation of powers.
21 Regulations.
22 Administrator to make list of electors.
(2) Administrator to certify list.
(3) Votes of ratepayers.
23 Fiscal year.
24 Fines payable to Local Government District.
25 Definition of "industrial townsite".
26 Incorporation of industrial townsites.
(2) Powers, duties, etc., of industrial townsites.
27 Powers that may be conferred on resident administrator of industrial.
(2) Powers under Planning Act.
28 Levying of taxes.
29 Meaning of words.
(2) Where Part not applicable.
30 Order of administration of district by council.
31 Provisions of order in council.
32 Alteration of district.
(2) Provisions required on alteration of district.
33 Provisions applicable to districts under council administration.
(2) Status of secretary-treasurer.
34 Procedure where insufficient nominations for council.
35 Responsibility for costs of administration.
(2) Meaning of "entire cost of administration of district".