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The Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Conflict of Interest Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. L112

The Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Conflict of Interest Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Subsidiary corporation.
(2) Control.
(3) Subsidiary includes subsidiaries.
3 Indirect pecuniary interest.
(2) Exception for indemnity or expenses.
(3) Exception for common interests.
(4) Indirect pecuniary liability.
(5) Exception for common liabilities.
(6) General exception.
(7) Statutory appointments to Crown agencies.
(8) Employees of public bodies.
4 Meetings involving members.
(2) All official meetings included.
5 Record of compliance.
6 Public record of disclosures.
7 Cabinet meetings.
8 Performance of responsibilities by minister.
9 Absence from meeting.
10 Voidability of transaction or procedure.
11 Statement of assets and interests.
(2) Notification of failure to comply.
(3) Further statement after acquisition or disposal.
12 Assets and interests which must be disclosed.
13 General exemptions.
14 Continuing disclosure.
15 Forms.
(2) Compliance through form.
(3) Form not conclusive.
16 Statements not available to public.
(2) Exception for members and ministers.
(3) Limited disclosure.
(4) Application of section.
17 Statements available to public.
18 Insider information.
19 Use of influence.
20 Application for authorization.
21 Disposition after hearing on merits.
(2) Meaning of suspension.
(3) Suspension served during sitting days.
22 Unknowing or inadvertent breach.
23 Mandatory suspension.
(2) Termination of suspension.
(3) Disqualification at end of session.
(4) No court disposition required.
(5) Enforcement by Assembly.
24 Suspension without pay.
25 Application for stay.
(2) Restoration of pay.
26 Report to Speaker.
27 Effect of violation.
28 Election not to preclude application.
29 Application for restitution.
30 General limitation period.
(2) Limitation period for order of restitution.
31 No other proceedings.
32 Summary Convictions Act not to apply.