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The Lake of the Woods Control Board Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. L30

The Lake of the Woods Control Board Act

Table of Contents

1 Board continued.
(2) Qualification of members.
(3) Voting by alternate members.
(4) Term of office of members.
(5) Vacancies in membership.
2 Duties and powers of the board.
(2) Elevations defined.
(3) Saving provision.
3 Offence and penalty.
(2) Other remedies to continue available.
4 Enforcement powers.
(2) Filing in court.
5 Powers of board, refusal to obey its order.
(2) Recovery of expenses.
6 Appointment of staff.
(2) Powers of inspectors, etc.
(3) Offence and penalty.
7 Relief from liability.
8 Payment of expenses of board.
9 Regulations.