R.S.M. 1987, c. L20

The Department of Labour Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Department of Labour.
3 Appointments and remuneration.
(2) Designation of inspectors.
4 Appointment of vice-chairman to boards.
5 Duties of minister.
6 Authority for agreements.
(2) Authority for grants.
7 Powers and duties vested in inspector.
(2) Powers of entry and inspection.
(3) Penalty and offence.
(4) Personal liability of inspectors.
8 Power vested in minister.
9 Annual report.
10 Meaning of "Bureau of Labour" and "Secretary of Bureau of Labour".
11 Privilege in respect of conciliation proceedings.
(2) Ministerial certificate as to actions taken.
(3) Definitions.
12 Admissibility in evidence of certificates by minister.
13 Discrimination against employees who give evidence, etc., forbidden.
(2) Penalty.
14 Regulations.