R.S.M. 1987, c. J20

The Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Meaning of "personal service".
3 Application for registration of judgment.
(2) Application ex parte.
(3) Certificate from original court required.
(4) Form of certificate.
(5) Notice of application in other cases.
(6) Limitation on registration.
(7) Method of registration.
(8) Judgment containing registerable and unregisterable provisions.
4 Jurisdiction to issue certificate.
5 Conversion to Canadian currency.
6 Where judgment is in a language other than English.
7 Effect of registration.
8 Ex parte orders.
(2) Action by court.
9 Application for garnishment order.
(2) Making of garnishing order.
10 Rules of practice.
11 Exercise of powers.
12 Reciprocating jurisdictions establishment.
(2) Disestablishment.
13 Saving.
14 General purpose.
15 Effect of repeal of former Act.
Under The Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act of the Province of Manitoba