R.S.M. 1987, c. I50

The Insurance Corporations Tax Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Imposition of tax.
3 Tax on special brokers.
4 Exemption from tax.
5 Calculation of premiums.
6 Meaning of "business transacted".
(2) Premium in respect of certain group contracts.
(3) Premium in respect of certain joint contracts.
7 Method of payment of tax.
(2) Application for reduced quarterly payments.
(3) Payment where quarterly payments reduced.
8 Penalty for late payment
(2) Penalty for underpayment.
(3) Penalty for underpayment made late.
(4) Penalty for underpayment where quarterly payments reduced.
(5) Penalty additional.
9 Returns by insurers.
10 Power of minister to demand information.
11 Appointment of inspectors to make examinations.
(2) Testimony before inspectors and production of papers.
(3) Determination of amount of insurance in certain cases.
(4) Offence and penalty.
12 Taxes a debt
(2) Who is a debtor.
(3) Equivalent expressions.
(4) Where court action commenced.
(5) Application by alleged debtor.
(6) Order of restitution, etc.
13 Distress in default of payment.
14 Debts to Crown a lien.
(2) Certificate of debt and registration.
(3) Realization of lien.
(4) Lien in bankruptcy proceedings.
15 Attachment of money owing.
(2) Liability of garnishee.
16 Refusal to pay tax an offence.
(2) Penalty for failure to file returns, etc.
(3) Acts of agent as acts of principal.
17 Penalty for dealing with unlicensed insurer.
18 Further requirements by treasurer.
19 Appointment of commissioners.
(2) Variation of report.
20 Costs of inquiry to be paid by insurer.
(2) Penalty for understating amount to be taxed.
(3) Costs.
(4) Taxation of costs.
21 Remission of penalty.
22 Cancellation of licence.
23 No liability to municipal taxation.
24 Ordering of audit.
(2) Remuneration of accountant.
(3) Approval of expenses of accountant.
25 Custody of documents.
(2) Examination of documents.
26 Reports of municipal clerks.
27 Regulations.
28 Substitution of this Act for Corporations Taxation Act.
(2) Application of Income Taxation Act.