This is an unofficial archived version of The Horse Racing Regulation Act
as enacted by SM 1987-88, c. 9 on July 17, 1987.

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R.S.M. 1987, c. H100

The Horse Racing Regulation Act

Table of contents

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

Horse racing subject to this Act.


No person, association, or corporation shall, upon any land used as a race-course or track within the province, hold or conduct a horse race meeting or horse racing, nor shall any person, association, or corporation aid in, enter in, judge, start, race in, drive in, or ride in, any horse race within the province, except as in this Act provided.

Notice of intended meeting to Minister of Agriculture.


Subject to subsection (2), notice of intention to hold a horse race meeting or horse racing at any race-course or track in Manitoba shall be given in writing to the Minister of Agriculture by the person, association, or corporation proposing to hold it, and the notice shall be given between January 1 and March 1 in the year in which it is proposed to hold the horse race meeting or horse racing.

Waiver of notice.


The Minister of Agriculture may waive the necessity of giving such a notice.



Every person who. in contravention of this Act, holds or conducts, or as owner, occupant, or lessee of a race-course, permits thereon, a horse race meeting or horse racing or aids in, enters in, judges, starts, races in, drives in, or rides in, a horse race is guilty of an offence and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of not more than $5000., with costs, and in default of payment, to imprisonment for not less than one month or more than six months; and each day's repetition or continuance of any such contravention constitutes a new and distinct offence.

Defence negatived.


The fact that an accused person was a director, officer, or employee, of an association or corporation is no defence to a prosecution hereunder.

Persons under 16, when admitted.


No person under 16 years of age, except when accompanied by his parent or guardian, shall be permitted to enter a race track during the course of any race meet where only running races are conducted.

Saving clause.


This Act does not apply to

(a) the racing of horses for the purpose of training only at race-courses or tracks or on premises to which the public is not admitted while the racing is being conducted;

(b) a horse race meeting or horse racing held or conducted by an agricultural society within the meaning of The Agricultural Societies Act at any fair or exhibition held by any such society.

Harness races.


The prohibitions contained in this Act do not apply to a race meeting at which there are trotting or pacing races exclusively.