R.S.M. 1987, c. H50

The Highways Protection Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Purposes of Act.
(2) Application of Act.
3 Continuation of highway traffic board.
(2) Composition of traffic board.
(3) Terms of office.
(4) Chairman and vice-chairman.
(5) Remuneration and expenses.
(6) Quorum.
(7) Majority decisions.
(8) Application of Part V of Evidence Act.
(9) Rules of procedure.
(10) Inquiries by single members.
(11) Hearing of applications, etc., by single members.
(12) Special advisers.
(13) Assistance from government departments.
(14) Completion of meeting where member dies, etc.
(15) Exemption from personal liability.
4 Application of Highways and Transportation Department Act
5 Limitation on entrances and exits.
(2) Limitation on maintenance of prohibited access.
(3) Limitation on entering and leaving.
(4) Change in use prohibited.
6 Application for limited access highway.
(2) Designation of limited access highway.
(3) Procedure for designation of limited access highways.
(4) Provincial trunk highways.
(5) Procedure for declaration under subsec. (4).
7 Where Part I not applicable.
(2) Closing existing access.
(3) Agreements for compensation.
(4) Arbitration.
(5) Allowance for compensatory work.
(6) No compensation where service road provided.
8 Terminating right of access.
(2) No compensation arising from highway becoming a limited access highway.
(3) Construction of compensatory works.
9 Application for permit for access.
(2) Notice of application.
(3) Abridgement of notice.
10 Restriction on construction.
(2) Restriction on access.
11 Designation of freeway.
(2) Municipal designation.
(3) Procedure on designation of freeway.
12 Right of access to freeway.
(2) Effect of designation of freeway.
(3) Compensation for closing access, etc.
(4) Agreements for compensation.
(5) Arbitration.
(6) Allowance for service roads, etc.
13 Access to service road.
(2) Temporary permits for access.
(3) Cancellation of permit.
(4) No compensation on cancellation of permit.
(5) Appointment of issuer of permits.
14 Limitation on structures in controlled areas.
(2) Additions in controlled areas prohibited.
(3) Changing use of structures.
(4) Limitation on maintenance, etc., of structures in controlled areas.
(5) Repairs permitted.
(6) Signs, etc., permitted.
15 Application for control lines.
(2) Establishment of control lines.
(3) Limitation on actions re control lines.
(4) Maximum control lines.
16 Effect of creation of controlled areas.
(2) No compensation on creation of controlled area.
17 Permit to construct, etc.
(2) Notice of application.
(3) Abridgement of notice.
18 Regulations.
(2) Regulation applying to part of province.
(3) Effective date.
19 Regulation by L. G. in C.
20 Conditions of permits.
(2) Expiry of permit.
(3) Temporary access.
(4) Temporary structures.
21 Appeal from designation of limited access highways, etc.
(2) Appeal to issue of permit.
(3) Appeal on refusal of traffic board to act
(4) Hearing de novo.
(5) Decision of Public Utilities Board final.
22 Offence.
(2) Failure to observe term of permit.
23 Cancellation or suspension.
(2) Removal of unauthorized access.
(3) Removal of unauthorized structure.
(4) Notice of hearing.
(5) Action by traffic board.
24 Continued offence.
25 Failure to comply with board order.
26 Plans, maps, etc., as evidence.
(2) Certificate of secretary of traffic board.
27 Power of entry.
(2) Interference prohibited.
28 Issue of permit to public utility.
29 No further notice required.
(2) Previous acts validated.