R.S.M. 1987, c. H40

The Highways and Transportation Department Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Continuation of department.
3 Staff.
4 Authority to minister to delegate powers.
(2) Limitations to be observed in exercising delegated powers.
5 Departmental roads under control of minister.
(2) Construction and repair of transportation facilities.
6 Acquisition of property.
(2) Highway drainage.
(3) Disposal of surplus property.
(4) Disposal of property under $5000 in value.
(5) "Trade-in" not a sale.
(6) Sale of materials to municipalities, etc.
(7) Land dealt with under Crown Lands Act
7 Declaration of provincial trunk highways and provincial highways, etc.
(2) Declaration of proposed highways.
(3) Declarations made before July 1, 1965.
(4) Designation of highway numbers.
8 Control of departmental roads.
(2) Responsibility of municipality.
(3) Materials, structures, etc., on departmental roads.
(4) Liability of municipalities.
(5) Removal of objects on provincial road.
(6) Notice.
(7) Order for removal.
(8) Moving vehicles.
(9) Removal of vehicles, etc.
(10) Meaning of "abandoned".
9 Costs of construction, improvement and maintenance.
(2) Standards of roads.
10 Intersection of provincial roads and other highways.
(2) Intersection of departmental roads and other highways.
(3) Intersection of departmental roads and other highways.
11 Closing roads for repair.
(2) Penalty for removing notice or barrier.
(3) Alternative routes during work on roads.
12 Landscaping on highways.
(2) Acquiring property for planting hedges, etc.
13 Erecting snow fences on private property.
(2) Offence re removing snow fences, etc.
(3) No compensation for snow fences.
(4) Snow fences deemed a public work.
14 Erection of structures, etc. close to highway.
(2) Planting of trees, etc. prohibited.
(3) Planting within 50 feet prohibited.
(4) Removal of unauthorized trees, etc.
(5) Applications for permits.
(6) Granting of permits.
(7) Offence and penalty.
(8) Removal of structures, trees, etc.
(9) Removal by minister.
(10) Application of subsec. (1) to limited access highway.
15 Agreement for removal of trees, etc.
16 Abandonment of provincial trunk highway.
(2) Abandonment of provincial road.
(3) Abandonment of industrial road.
17 Closing highways.
(2) Closing of roads on Crown land.
(3) Registration of order.
(4) Disposal of land.
(5) Filing o. in c. in land titles office.
(6) Effect of vesting in owner of adjoining land.
(7) Duties of district registrar.
18 Agreements with respect to highways in unorganized territory.
19 Agreements respecting airports, etc.
20 Use of bridges, etc.
21 Agreements with respect to highways in cities, towns, etc.
(2) Government contribution.
(3) Municipal contribution.
(4) Responsibility of municipality to maintain highways.
(5) Power of minister to maintain.
(6) Cost of maintenance.
22 Power of minister as to contracts.
(2) Duty to invite tenders.
(3) Where lowest tender not accepted.
(4) Execution of contracts.
(5) Security for performance of contract.
(6) Contracts to enure to Her Majesty.
23 Interest on hold backs.
24 Power of minister to acquire supplies.
(2) Control of supplies by minister.
25 Power of minister to lease supplies.
(2) Disposal of rentals, etc.
26 Sale of sand and gravel, etc.
(2) Moneys from sale of gravel from purchased lands.
(3) Moneys from sale of gravel from Crown lands.
27 Highways outside province.
(2) Cost
28 Actions brought by Attorney-General.
29 Arbitration.
(2) Where tender not accepted.
(3) Security.
(4) Appeal.
(5) No arbitration where minister has power to decide.
30 Vehicles injurious to highway.
(2) Injury to highways.
(3) Order for repair of damage.
(4) Work done by minister.
31 Preparation of plans, etc. for public works.
(2) Certified copies of plans, etc.
32 Annual report.
33 Costs paid from Cons. Fund.
34 Offence and penalty.
35 Regulations.