R.S.M. 1987, c. H30

The Health Services Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Measures for promotion of health.
3 Regulations by the minister.
4 Regulations.
5 Application of The Regulations Act.
6 When regulations effective.
(2) Retroactive regulations.
7 Investigations by commission.
(2) Powers of commission re investigations, etc.
(3) Approval of appointments by minister.
(4) Payment of costs of investigations* etc.
8 Definitions.
9 Regulations for establishment of local health units.
(2) Services supplied by unit.
(3) Power to make agreements.
10 Scheme for establishment of unit.
11 Approval of scheme by council.
(2) Nomination of representative on board.
(3) Execution of agreements.
(4) Submission to electors where council disapproves.
12 Effect of establishment of unit.
13 Position of medical director.
(2) Duties of director.
14 Payment of cost.
15 Payment for equipment of units.
16 Board.
17 Disposal of full time health districts.
18 Composition of board.
(2) Appointments by minister.
(3) Nominations by councils.
(4) Chairman.
(5) Expenses of board.
(6) Powers of board.
(7) Recommendations of board.
(8) Executive committee.
(9) Powers of executive committee.
(10) Report by executive committee.
19 Accommodation for offices, etc., and living quarters.
(2) Lease of real estate by municipality.
(3) Disposal of unused portion by municipality.
(4) Disposal of property at discretion of municipality.
20 Acquisition of property for offices, etc.
21 Lease or sale of real estate of unit.
(2) Resolution for sale or lease.
(3) Approval of resolution.
(4) Authorization of sale or lease and payment of proceeds to Minister of Finance.
(5) Disposition of proceeds by Minister of Finance.
22 Definition of "district".
23 By-law for engaging physician and payment of salary or fees and establishment of district.
(2) Joint action by two or more municipalities to establish district and engage physicians.
(3) Alteration of district boundaries.
(4) Approval of minister to by-law.
(5) Provision for fees.
(6) Approval of minister to contract
(7) Revocation of by-law and cancellation of contract by minister.
(8) Method of raising moneys.
(9) Method indicated in by-law.
(10) Rules for carrying out provisions of this section.
(11) Inclusion of unorganized territory.
(12) Non-liability of municipality.
(13) Amendment of by-law or contract.
(14) When by-law effective.
24 Levy on assessed value.
(2) Minimum annual tax.
(3) Provision re farm lands.
(4) Levy of flat rate by rural municipality.
25 Establishment of district in unorganized territory.
26 Payment of grant.
27 Definitions.
28 Preparation of plan by minister.
29 Approval of plan.
30 Approval or disapproval of plan.
31 Petition by electors on disapproval of plan by councils.
32 When notice of appointment of organization committee required.
33 Nomination of members of organization committee.
34 Appointment of organization committee.
35 Appointment on failure of municipality to nominate representatives.
36 Council members on committee.
37 Committee member ceasing to be member of council.
38 Filling of vacancies.
(2) Term of office.
(3) Interim chairman and first meeting.
(4) Quorum.
(5) Procedure at first meeting.
(6) Meetings of committee.
39 Preparation of scheme by organization committee.
(2) Variation of amount within included area.
(3) Choosing of name, etc., by minister.
(4) Further provisions of scheme.
(5) Apportionment of capital expenditure.
(6) Levies.
(7) Further levy.
(8) Borrowing for preparation of scheme.
(9) Repayment of moneys so borrowed.
(10) Basis of apportionments, and limitation as to amount
40 Duties of minister in preparation of scheme.
41 Copies of scheme from organization committee.
(2) Duties of Municipal Board.
(3) Amendments by Municipal Board.
(4) Refusal of approval by Municipal Board.
(5) Action of minister on approval by Municipal Board.
42 Ratification of scheme by municipality.
43 Establishment of district.
44 Effect of regulations establishing district.
45 Provisions of regulations establishing district.
46 Formation of first board from organization committee.
(2) Appointment of municipal representatives.
(3) Restriction on municipal membership.
(4) Term of office.
(5) Approval of minister to appointments.
47 Meetings of board.
(2) Quorum and procedure of board.
(3) Appointment of municipal representatives by minister.
48 First meeting of board.
49 Board incorporated.
50 Chairman of board.
51 Secretary-treasurer and other officers.
52 Name and seal.
(2) Change of name by minister.
(3) Seal.
(4) Liability, etc., of district unaffected by change of name.
53 Alteration of membership of board.
(2) Form of consent
54 Apportionment of cost by board.
(2) Estimates of expenditure and revenue and apportionment of excess expenditure.
(3) Reserve fund.
(4) Reserve fund where board operates more than one hospital.
(5) Maximum in reserve fund.
(6) Where reserve fund exceeds maximum.
(7) Disposition of excess revenue.
(8) Surplus revenue of each hospital to be retained for its benefit.
(9) Apportionments determined in accordance with annual audit
(10) Apportionments based on equalized assessed value.
(11) Appeal by resident electors from levy.
55 Agreement with the commission.
(2) Reduction in capital levies.
56 Use of depreciation payments and interest rebates.
57 Levy of hospital taxes.
(2) Special levy on part of municipality to cover deficit
(3) Procedure where building of hospital delayed.
(4) Uniform tax rate authorized where municipality included in several districts.
(5) Variation of amount of tax within included area.
58 Disposal of surplus levies.
59 Borrowing by board in anticipation of receipts from municipalities.
(2) Negotiations for borrowing.
(3) Issue of debentures to secure capital outlay.
(4) Borrowing of amount smaller than authorized by by-law.
(5) Approval and form of debentures.
(6) Borrowing pending sale of debentures.
(7) Variation of interest rate.
60 Conditions precedent to building or equipping a hospital.
(2) Restriction on grants.
(3) Borrowing when grant payable.
61 Gifts to district.
(2) Investment of funds.
62 Commutation by ratepayers of levies for capital expenditures.
(2) Limitation on authority granted by subsec. (1).
(3) Further limitation.
63 Commutation by municipalities of apportionment for capital expenditure.
64 Grants by municipalities to cover deficit
65 Alteration to boundaries of established district
(2) Approval required where there is capital debt.
(3) Apportionment to added territory.
66 Further borrowing authorized.
(2) Apportionment of additional borrowing.
(3) Application of sections 54 and 57.
(4) Supplementary scheme.
(5) Ratification by municipalities.
(6) Where section not applicable.
67 Scheme for enlargement of hospital where no borrowing required.
(2) Allotment of excess annual expenditure.
(3) Submission of supplementary scheme.
(4) Approval of scheme.
(5) By-law approving scheme.
(6) Enlargement of hospital on passing of bylaws.
68 Procedure for amendment of original scheme.
(2) Application of section 67.
(3) Conditional approval by minister.
(4) Procedure on approval being given.
(5) Procedure when by-law passed.
69 Use of hospital buildings for other purposes.
(2) Sale of property.
(3) Use of revenue.
70 Apportionments on basis of equalized assessments.
71 Existing hospitals may be incorporated in district.
72 Provision for local administrative committee.
(2) By-law of the board.
(3) Members of board as members of committee.
(4) Establishment of committee.
(5) Appointment of members of local administrative committee.
(6) Notification to minister.
(7) Operation of hospital by committee.
73 Operation of hospitals by local or provincial organization.
74 Application of The Hospitals Act.
(2) Medical service unit not hospital.
75 Powers of minister.
76 Annual audit.
(2) Auditor's report and scope of audit
77 Status of officials and employees.
78 Local government districts deemed to be municipalities for purposes of Act.
(2) Appointment of representatives to boards.
(3) Payment of costs by government.
(4) Assessment of charges paid by government against local government district, etc.
(5) Levy of tax for amount apportioned by government
(6) Payment by administrator, etc.
(7) Order in council as to administrative regulations.
(8) Approval of levies on local government districts by Lieutenant Governor in Council.
(9) Meaning of "local government districts".
79 Inclusion of privately owned territory.
80 Determination of population.
81 Penalty for disobeying Act.
(2) Penalty for fraudulent practices.
82 Grants or loans.
(2) Conditions of payment.
(3) Right of commission to review and report to minister.
83 Equalization grants to municipalities.
84 Definition of "hospital".
(2) Grants for outpost hospitals.
(3) Regulations for expenditure of grants.
(4) Transfer of grants to trust fund.
(5) Disposal of gifts for outpost hospital.
(6) Expenditure of trust moneys.
(7) Red Cross.
85 Agreements with Dominion Government, etc.
(2) Approval by Lieutenant Governor in Council.
(3) Expenditure of grants.
86 Grants to municipality for capital.
(2) Conditions of payments.