R.S.M. 1987, c. G20

The Garnishment Act

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Table of Contents

1 Wages defined.
2 Garnishment of the Government of Manitoba.
3 Service of process.
4 Debts bound by garnishment process.
5 Exemptions.
6 Where no exemption.
7 Exemption in certain cases.
8 Definition of "clerk".
(2) Variation of exemption.
(3) Notice of hearing.
(4) Hearing and order.
(5) Limitation on variation of exemption.
(6) Appeal.
(7) Service.
(8) Disposition of appeal.
9 Release of garnishment on terms.
(2) Ex parte order.
(3) Copy to judgment creditor.
(4) Variation of order.
(5) Procedure.
10 Termination of order.
11 Garnishment of wages before judgment prohibited.
12 Memo on garnishing order against wages.
(2) Presumption as to board and room.
(3) Presumption as to orders re. alimony, etc.
13 Duration of compliance with garnishing orders.
(2) Service of extra copy of garnishing order on garnishee.
(3) Compliance where court order varied.
(4) No costs allowed to garnishee.
(5) Duration of garnishing order.
(6) Judgment debtor leaving employment of garnishee.
(7) Discontinuance of garnishing order.
(8) Filing of notice of discontinuance.
(9) Non-application of section 9.
(10) Form of garnishing order.
(11) Proceedings in lieu of this section.
14 Garnishment of pension benefits.
(2) Exemptions apply to pension benefits.
(3) Calculation of exemptions.
(4) "Pension benefit" defined.
15 Regulations.
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