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The Fatality Inquiries Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. F52

The Fatality Inquiries Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Appointment of medical examiner.
(2) Authority of chief medical examiner.
(3) Appointment of medical examiner to act for chief medical examiner.
(4) Acting chief medical examiner on death of chief medical examiner.
(5) Supervision of medical examiners.
3 Oath of office and allegiance.
4 Subsisting appointments.
(2) Oaths of previous appointees.
(3) Limitation on jurisdiction of medical examiner.
5 Jurisdiction.
(2) Direction to investigate.
6 Investigation of sudden deaths.
(2) Examination of records by medical examiner.
(3) Cases of natural death of involuntary patients.
(4) Cordoning of scene.
(5) Removal of exhibits.
(6) Report of medical examiner.
7 Release of body.
(2) Completion of certificate.
8 Post-mortem examination.
(2) Certain doctors not to take part in postmortem.
(3) Report on post-mortem examination.
(4) Minister may order post-mortem.
(5) Excision of parts of body.
9 Administrator to review reports.
(2) Recommendation to government and other persons.
(3) Administrator to direct inquest.
10 Where two or more deaths in same incident.
11 Removal of body to morgue.
12 Investigation where injury likely to cause death.
13 Inquest on request of minister.
14 Provincial judge to hold inquest.
15 Examination of witnesses by Crown counsel.
16 Examination of witnesses by other counsel.
17 Witness deemed to object to questions.
18 Subpoena to witness.
(2) Separation of witnesses.
(3) Application of Criminal Code.
(4) Witness fees.
(5) Taking down the evidence.
19 Report of medical examiner as evidence.
20 Duties of provincial judge at inquest.
(2) Disposition of exhibits by provincial judge.
(3) Disposition of exhibits by administrator.
(4) Exemption from liability.
21 Effect of criminal proceedings on inquest.
(2) After criminal proceedings completed.
(3) Limitation on further jurisdiction of inquiring provincial judge.
(4) Continuation of inquest by another provincial judge.
22 Report deemed to be submitted.
23 Removal of body without order.
(2) Penalty.
24 Right of entry.
(2) Warrant to remove body.
(3) Obstruction of medical examiner.
(4) Conduct deemed to be obstruction.
25 Order for disinterment by minister.
26 Duties of police.
27 Report without view of body.
(2) Minister may order inquest.
28 Property of deceased.
29 Keeping of records.
(2) Obtaining copy of record.
30 Report by administrator.
31 Regulations.