R.S.M. 1987, c. E160

The Executions Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Endorsement of writ.
3 Wages for three months privileged claim under writ of execution.
4 Privilege extends to all terms of hiring.
5 Force and priority of writ of execution.
(2) Exclusions.
(3) Writ of execution expires in two years.
6 Equity of redemption or other interest may be seized.
7 Mortgages liable to seizure in execution.
(2) Nature of interest in real property mortgages
(3) Sale of securities by sheriff.
(4) Effect of sale by sheriff.
(5) Registration of assignment.
8 Stock, shares, and dividends, may be seized in execution.
9 Sale of shares of corporation.
10 Sheriff to notify company.
(2) Notice binds stock.
(3) Inclusion of dividends, etc.
11 Reasonable time for notification of branch offices by company.
12 Shares to be personalty.
13 Certificate of sale by sheriff.
(2) Rights of purchaser.
14 Former remedy saved.
15 Previous sections apply to all corporations.
16 Inventory of goods seized.
(2) Notice of sale.
(3) Appointment of sub*bailiff.
17 Return where goods in sheriff's hands unsold.
18 Application of sections 19 to 22.
19 Priority of writs of execution abolished.
20 Notice in Gazette where money made under execution.
(2) No notice required.
(3) Cost of notice.
(4) Distribution of money 14 days after notice.
21 Failure to give notice.
22 Distribution in certain cases to be delayed by judge.
(2) Distribution in part.
23 Exempt property.
(2) Sale price of chattel in excess of value exemption.
24 Exemptions apply to dependant.
25 Insurance on exemptions to be also exempt.
26 Annuities under Government Annuities Act (Can.)
(2) Saving.
27 Partnership exemptions.
28 Exemptions not available to corporation.
29 Exemptions do not apply to parties removing from province.
30 Debtor to have choice.
31 Exceptions in case of actions for purchase price.
(2) Chattels purchased to defeat creditors.
32 When growing crops may be sold.
(2) Choice as to sale of grain.
33 Execution with respect to materials furnished for building.
34 Property exempt by this Act not to be seized.
35 Exemptions cannot be abandoned.
36 Seizure and sale of mobile home.
37 Summary disposal of disputes.
(2) Order of judge.
38 Indemnification of sheriff.
39 Sec. 28 rep. and sub.
28 Exemptions not available to corporation.
(2) Commencement
SCHEDULE A (Section 3)
SCHEDULE B (Subsection 16(1))
(Issuing Court, Style of Cause, etc.)