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The Electricians' Licence Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. E50

The Electricians' Licence Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Application of Act.
(2) Exception.
(3) Further exceptions.
(4) Application of subsec. (3).
(5) Other work to which Act does not apply.
3 Domestic work.
4 Licence or permit required.
(2) Examination for licence.
5 Licences.
6 Board of examiners.
(2) Membership.
(3) Term of office.
(4) Filling of vacancies.
(5) Quorum.
(6) Voting.
(7) Qualification of members.
(8) Board to prescribe and supervise examinations of candidates.
(9) Delegation of supervision of examination.
(10) Committees of the board.
7 Issue of permits.
(2) Work that permittee may do.
(3) Notice of completion.
(4) Certificate of approval.
8 Delegation of authority to issue permits and appoint inspectors.
9 Exclusion of municipality.
10 Appointment of staff.
(2) Qualifications for inspectors.
(3) Inspectors under Department of Labour Act.
11 Regulations.
12 Minister empowered to revoke licences, etc.
13 What persons shall apply for journeyman's licence.
14 Certificates which allow persons to perform work of journeymen.
15 Special licences.
(2) Limitation of special licence.
16 Employment of unlicensed persons forbidden.
17 Offence and penalty.
(2) Production of licence and permit.
18 Only approved equipment to be used.
19 Penalty for breach of regulations after notice.
(2) Service of notice.
20 General penalty for offences.