R.S.M. 1987, c. E32

The Elections Finances Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Endorsement of candidate.
3 C.E.O, to administer Act.
4 Advisory committee.
(2) Consultation with committee.
(3) Advisory status only.
5 Duties of deputy C.E.O.
6 Powers, duties, and functions of Chief Electoral Officer.
7 Appointment of chief financial officer.
(2) Replacement of chief financial officer.
(3) Notice of appointment to Chief Electoral Officer.
8 Appointment of deputy financial officers.
(2) Notice of appointment to Chief Electoral Officer.
9 Recording of information.
10 Responsibilities of party's chief financial officer.
(2) Financial officers of constituency associations.
(3) Notice of nomination.
(4) Responsibilities of candidate's chief financial officer.
(5) Responsibility throughout entire candidacy period.
11 Application for registration by political party.
(2) Verifying petition for registration.
(3) Provision of information.
12 Registration of political party.
13 Submission of party name.
(2) Approval of name.
(3) Discretion to extend time period.
(4) Effect of reserved name.
(5) Failure to meet registration requirements.
14 Submission of material prior to election.
(2) Approval by C.E.O.
(3) Application after issue of writs.
(4) Priority of approved name.
(5) No approval of same or similar name.
(6) Approved name subject to reserved name.
15 Restriction on names of registered parties.
16 Effective date of registration.
(2) Registration during election period for general election.
17 Notice of registration.
18 Maintenance of information in register.
19 Voluntary deregistration of political party.
(2) Compulsory deregistration of political party.
(3) Notice of proposal to deregister.
(4) Meeting concerning proposed deregistration.
(5) Decision concerning deregistration.
(6) Avoiding deregistration.
(7) No deregistration during campaign period.
20 Re-registration.
21 Disposition of assets upon deregistration.
(2) Moneys held in trust.
22 Notice of deregistration.
23 Effective date of deregistration.
24 Registration carried over.
(2) Application of Act.
25 Registration of candidate.
26 Early application.
27 Effective date of registration.
28 Maintenance of information in register.
29 Termination of registration of candidate.
(2) Termination on withdrawal.
(3) Effect on tax receipts.
30 Notice of registration and termination.
31 Registration numbers.
32 Tax receipts by parties.
(2) Tax receipts by candidates.
33 Who may issue tax receipts.
(2) Who may issue receipts.
34 Constituency association not to issue.
35 Tax receipts to contributors.
36 No tax receipts for donations in kind.
37 Contributions made at meeting.
38 Fund raising functions.
(2) Portion of charge considered contribution.
(3) Limited individual charge.
39 Candidate's personal contributions.
(2) Tax receipts for candidate's contributions.
40 Value of donation in kind.
(2) Partial payment for goods or services.
(3) Recording donations in kind.
41 No contributions through intermediaries.
(2) Prohibition on acceptance of contributions.
(3) Return of contribution.
(4) C.E.O, may require affidavit.
42 Anonymous contributions.
43 Contributions from trust fund or organization.
(2) Failure to provide statement.
(3) Return of contribution.
(4) No tax receipts for trust contributions.
(5) Contributions by partnerships tax receiptable.
(6) Information from trustee or organization.
44 Transfers by registered political parties.
(2) Transfers by constituency associations.
(3) Transfers by candidates.
(4) Tracing sources of transferred resources.
(5) Recording of transfers.
45 Election expenses defined.
(2) Items included in elections expenses.
(3) Items not included in election expenses.
46 Transfered resources as election expenses.
47 Who may incur election expenses.
(2) Election expenses preceding appointment.
48 Authorization for printed material.
(2) Exception for expressions of opinion.
(3) Authorization for radio or television advertisements.
(4) Authorization by candidate.
(5) Authorization in writing.
49 Issues of public policy.
50 Limitation on election expenses of registered party.
(2) Limitation on election expenses of candidate.
51 Limitation on advertising expenses of registered party.
(2) Limitation on advertising expenses of candidate.
(3) Advertising expenses included in election expenses.
52 Variation of limitations on expenses.
53 Publication of new maximum amounts.
54 Names on revised voters' lists.
55 Claim for election expenses.
(2) Death of claimant.
(3) Payments through chief financial officer.
(4) Payment or authorization by candidate.
(5) Barring of claims in respect of election expenses.
56 Restriction on government advertising.
(2) Complaint concerning government advertising.
57 Form of financial statements and returns.
(2) Provision of information.
(3) Extension of time.
58 Maintaining records.
59 Annual statement of registered political party.
60 Statement of registered political party for election.
61 Statement of candidate.
62 Details of contributions to political parties.
63 Election not to affect return.
64 Details of contributions to candidate.
65 Candidate to keep records.
66 Filing by candidate who withdraws.
(2) Candidacy period defined.
(3) Candidate to meet filing requirements.
67 Return by constituency association.
68 Contributions towards candidate's deficit.
69 Failure to file by chief financial officer.
(2) Filing by candidate or party leader.
(3) Failure to file by successful candidate.
(4) Failure to file by unsuccessful candidate.
(5) Additional penalties retained.
70 Inspection by public.
(2) Copies of documents.
71 Certificate in respect of registered political party.
(2) Contents of certificate.
(3) Reimbursement to registered political party.
72 Certificate in respect of candidate.
(2) Contents of certificate.
(3) Reimbursement to candidate.
73 Reduction of reimbursement for overspending.
(2) Additional penalties retained.
74 Certificates in respect of other parties and candidates.
(2) Reimbursement of auditor's fee.
75 Contributions exceeding election expenses.
76 Contributions and reimbursement exceeding expenses.
77 Effect of withdrawal by candidate.
(2) Payment by candidate.
78 Obstruction.
79 False receipts.
80 False registration numbers.
81 False documents.
82 False information respecting contributions.
83 Failure to file adequate documents.
84 Exceeding limits on election expenses.
85 Exceeding limits on advertising expenses.
86 Officers responsible for overspending.
87 Unauthorized election expenses.
88 General offences.
89 Status of organizations in prosecutions.
90 Vicarious liability of party or candidate.
(2) Saving.
91 Status in prosecutions.
92 Restriction on prosecutions.
93 Crown not to prosecute.
94 Time limits on prosecutions.
95 Appeals from decisions of Chief Electoral Officer.
(2) Status for appeals.
96 Application for injunction.
(2) Speedy disposition.
(3) Determination and costs.
(4) Injunction in addition to prosecution.
97 Application for declaration.
(2) Speedy disposition.
(3) Determination and costs.
98 Regulations.
99 Annual report.
(2) Recommendations concerning Act.
(3) Review of report by committee.
100 Commencement of Act.