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The Elderly and Infirm Persons' Housing Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. E20

The Elderly and Infirm Persons' Housing Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Married person living separate.
3 Formation of organization committee.
(2) Membership and expenses of organization committee.
(3) Quorum.
(4) Appointment of officers of committee.
(5) Meetings of committee.
4 Preparation of scheme by organization committee.
(2) Raising of funds.
(3) Levies.
(4) Levy for difference.
(5) Hiring of personnel by committee.
5 Submission of scheme to municipalities.
6 Approval of scheme by municipality.
(2) Approval in case of local government district.
7 Disagreeing municipalities.
(2) Approval of varied scheme by minister.
8 Submission of scheme to Municipal Board.
(2) Submission of by-law to Municipal Board.
(3) Application of s. 16 where grants involved.
(4) Third reading of by-law.
9 Establishment of housing corporation.
(2) Board of directors.
10 Application of Act to single municipality.
11 Borrowing and issuing of securities.
(2) Approval of Municipal Board.
(3) Liability under debentures.
12 Power to acquire property.
(2) Investment.
(3) Saving.
13 Audit.
14 Annual requisitions on member municipalities.
(2) Bases of requisitions.
15 Employment of staff by corporation.
16 Grant
(2) Borrowing for grants.
(3) Grants to municipality for capital.
17 Consolidated Fund.
(2) Grants.
(3) Plans to include activity area.
(4) Approval of organization for grant.
(5) Limitations on grant for elderly persons housing.
(6) Limitations on grants to hostels and personal care homes.
18 Assignment of moneys by municipality to Minister of Finance.
19 Agreement between corporation and Minister of Finance.
20 Grants for hostels and personal care homes.
21 Grants for elderly persons' housing units.
22 Manner of paying grants.
23 Use of grant.
24 Guaranteeing of certain loans by province.
(2) Execution of guarantee.
(3) Consolidated Fund.
25 Renting of accommodation to certain persons only.
26 Limitation on disposition of housing accommodation.
(2) Caveat
27 Licence to operate hostel, etc.
28 Inspection of hostels, etc.
29 Appointment of personnel.
30 Consolidated Fund.
31 Regulations.