R.S.M. 1987, c. D90

The Distress Act

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Table of Contents

1 Copy of demand at time of distress.
2 Costs of distress for rent.
3 Costs of seizure under chattel mortgages, etc.
4 Penalty for overcharging.
5 Agreement protected.
6 Presence of sheriff, etc., not necessary.
7 Removal of goods for sale.
(2) Expenses of removal.
8 Definition of "trader".
(2) Landlord's priority limited to three months' rent.
(3) Priorities in distribution.
(4) Landlord to rank as general creditor for balance.
(5) Occupation rental payable by assignee or trustee.
(6) Assignee may continue under lease after giving notice.
(7) Temporary occupation by assignee after expiry of lease.
(8) Application of section.
9 Regulations.