R.S.M. 1987, c. D70

The Devolution of Estates Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definition of "land".
2 Dower Act applies.
3 Liabilities of estate of an intestate.
4 Definitions.
5 Estates of $50,000. or less.
6 Estates over $50,000.
(2) Issue of deceased child.
(3) Distribution among issue.
7 Widow, but no issue.
8 Neither widow nor issue.
(2) No widow, issue, father, or mother.
(3) No widow, issue, parents, brothers, or sisters.
9 Distribution covering next-of-kin.
10 Kindred and half-blood.
11 Posthumous births.
12 Advances to children.
(2) Valuation of advance.
(3) Onus of proof of advance.
13 Estate undisposed of by will.
14 Reduction where widow has benefit under will.
(2) Reduced share to widow under sec. 34 of The Wills Act
15 Woman intestate, distribution.
16 Descent of land after July 1, 1885.
(2) Application of section.
(3) Personal representatives to hold lands as trustees.
(4) Land to be dealt with in the same way as chattels real.
(5) Land to be administered in the same way as personal estate.
(6) Direction to personal representatives to convey, or sell.
(7) Service of notice on infants.
(8) Issue of vesting order.
(9) Direction for sale by master of the court.
17 Meaning of "heirs and assigns".
18 Transactions of heirs protected in certain cases.
19 Service of notice where mortgagor dead.
20 Powers of personal representative to sell land.
(2) Limitation on power of personal representative.
(3) Order to personal representative to sell.
(4) Notice of application to be served.
(5) Opposing granting of order.
21 Powers of personal representative to lease minerals.
(2) Limitation on powers of personal representative.
(3) Opposition to order.
(4) No restriction on trustee.
22 Confirmation of past sales.
23 Effect of secs. 16 and 20.
24 Powers of Registrar General.