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The Manitoba Data Services Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. D15

The Manitoba Data Services Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Commission continued.
3 Agent of Crown.
(2) Properties, rights and obligations.
4 Term of office.
(2) Remuneration.
5 Designation of chairman and vice-chairman.
(2) Appointment of general manager.
(3) Duties of general manager.
6 Offices of commission.
7 Meetings of commission.
(2) Meetings on request of commissioners.
8 Quorum.
9 Chief executive officer of the commission.
10 Employment of staff.
11 Object of commission.
12 Agreements with government, etc.
(2) Agreements with persons other than government.
13 Price of services sold by commission.
14 Authority for temporary borrowings.
(2) Guarantee.
(3) Approval of Min. of Fin.
15 Temporary advances by government.
16 Loans by government.
17 Proof that issue required for purposes of corporation.
18 Banking.
19 Accounting records.
20 Fiscal year.
21 Audit.
(2) Special audits, etc.
22 Funds and expenditures.
23 Application of revenues.
(2) Investment of additional moneys.
(3) Additional moneys held in trust.
24 Funds of government and commission not to be mixed.
(2) Application of subsec. (1).
25 Purchase and disposal of personal property.
(2) Acquisition of real property.
26 Taxation charges.
(2) Grant in lieu of municipal and school taxes.
27 Annual report
28 Contracts with M.L.A. etc.
29 Acquisition of computer facilities from M.T.S.
(2) Agreement by government to undertake obligations.
(3) Assuming contracts of M.T.S.