R.S.M. 1987, c. D10

The Dairy Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Appointment of inspectors.
3 Duties of director and inspectors.
4 Rights of director and inspectors.
5 Certificate of director, inspector or analyst.
6 Dairy Board continued.
(2) Terms of office and remuneration of members.
(3) Chairman and vice-chairman of board.
(4) Meetings and quorum.
(5) Duties and functions.
7 Permits for dairy plants.
(2) Form of application and permit.
(3) Notice of application.
(4) Certificate from Manitoba Dairy Board required.
(5) Certificate for application for alterations.
(6) Cancellation of permit
(7) Suspension of permit.
8 Licence to operate dairy plant.
(2) Issuance of licence by director.
9 Record of permits and authorizations.
10 Cancellation and suspension of permit
11 Statistical returns.
12 What milk shall be sold.
(2) Milk products that may not be sold.
(3) Statement of butter-fat content.
(4) Statement of milk composition.
(5) Storage with certain other articles prohibited.
13 Composition tests to be as approved.
14 Milk to creameries on butter-fat basis.
15 Keeping of records.
16 Costs of testing milk and cream.
(2) Assessment is a debt.
17 Testing and grading of milk.
(2) Registration of dairy farms.
18 Various licences required.
(2) Director may issue licence.
(3) Classes of licence.
19 Duration of licence.
(2) Cancellation of licence or registration.
(3) Right to be heard.
20 Prohibition of supply of contaminated or adulterated milk.
(2) Exceptions.
(3) Sale of illegal dairy products prohibited.
(4) Misleading advertisements, brand names prohibited.
(5) Use of unauthorized grade names.
(6) Sale of imitation dairy products prohibited generally.
(7) Advertising milk and dairy products.
(8) Milk not for sale.
21 Unlicensed cream receiving stations prohibited.
(2) Licensed operator forwarding milk or cream to licensed factory.
22 Warrant to enter and seize.
(2) Seizure without warrant.
(3) Storage of seized product.
(4) Sale of perishable product
(5) Disposition after proceedings.
(6) Disposal of forfeited property.
(7) Disposition re imitation dairy product.
23 Detention order.
24 Adding or removing substances from milk prohibited.
25 Regulations.
26 Offence and penalty.