R.S.M. 1987, c. C290

The Court of Queen's Bench Surrogate Practice Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Interpretation.
3 Safekeeping of will.
(2) Preservation of documents.
4 Deputy registrars to report to registrar.
5 Officers not to take fees.
6 Jurisdiction.
7 Administration not granted to non-residents.
(2) Security for probate granted to non-resident of Canada.
(3) Application to resealing.
8 Where probate or administration granted.
9 Judges executor, etc.
10 General effect of grant.
11 Production of testamentary documents.
(2) Examination of persons touching documents.
(3) Liability of persons to orders.
12 Limited grant of administration.
13 Probate to trust company alone.
(2) Probate to trust company jointly with others.
(3) Power of trust company.
(4) Grant of administration to trust company.
(5) Officer of trust authorized to act.
14 General power of court to appoint.
15 Party applying not next of kin.
16 Temporary administration.
(2) Security.
17 Administration pending litigation.
18 Consequence of renouncing probate.
19 Citation to prove or renounce.
20 Consequences of failure to prove will.
21 Where infant sole executor.
22 Application and proofs required.
(2) Evidence as to validity and execution.
(3) Evidence of witness.
(4) Where witness not available.
(5) Evidence as to holograph will.
(6) Probating notarial will.
23 Affidavit sufficient for jurisdiction.
24 Filing inventory.
(2) Property discovered after grant.
(3) Inventory upon limited grant.
25 Bond of administrator.
(2) More than one bond.
(3) Amount of bond.
(4) Dispensing with bond and sureties.
(5) Where no sureties required.
(6) Where only one surety required.
(7) Bond of surety company.
(8) Deposit of money or securities.
26 Reducing bond.
27 Assignment of bond.
28 Accounting under oaths and bonds.
29 New or additional security.
(2) Application.
30 Substitution of security.
(2) Application.
31 Cancellation of security.
32 Transmission of application to registrar.
33 Wills and bonds not transmitted.
34 Inquiry by registrar.
35 Certificate of registrar.
36 No grant without certificate of registrar.
37 Application to more than one judicial centre.
(2) Costs.
(3) Decision final.
38 Caveats lodged.
39 Notice of caveats.
40 Notice of contentious matters.
41 Accounting by executor.
42 Accounts of guardians.
43 Jurisdiction on passing accounts.
(2) Notice of accounting.
(3) Notice where infant affected.
(4) Appointment of expert to assist.
44 Accounting at request of person interested.
45 Order for payment of money.
46 Effect of accounting in court.
47 Summary administration of small estates.
(2) Payment of claim by Minister of Finance.
(3) Application of certain provisions excluded.
48 Receiving foreign grants.
(2) Certified copy of grants.
(3) Translation of testamentary documents.
(4) Letters of verification a probate.
49 Security required.
50 Application of sec. 48.
51 On administration executor not to act.
52 Proceedings continued regardless of revocation.
53 Certified copies.
54 Certificates of search.
55 Appointment of Public Trustee to act in estate.
56 Investment of trust money.
57 Fees for Public Trustee.