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The Court of Queen's Bench Small Claims Practices Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. C285

The Court of Queen's Bench Small Claims Practices Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
(2) Interpretation.
2 Authority for claim under Act
3 Claims under $3,000.
4 Counterclaim of less than $3,000.
5 Counterclaim exceeding $3,000.
(2) Notice of action to enforce counterclaim.
6 Action commenced by simple statement.
(2) Extra copies of statement to be filed.
(3) Limitation on service.
7 Filing of objection and defence.
8 Fixing hearing date.
(2) Hearing date.
9 Hearing.
(2) Third party proceedings.
(3) Contents of order.
(4) Filing notice of objection and statement of defence.
(5) Where no notice of objection, etc. filed.
(6) Where notice of objection, etc. filed.
10 Evidence under oath.
(2) Further service required.
(3) Where rules of evidence not followed.
11 Failure of defendant to appear.
(2) Declaration of partners.
12 Decision a judgment of the court.
(2) Appeal to judge.
(3) Appeal, a new trial.
(4) Stay of proceedings on appeal.
13 Decision final except on question of law.
14 Costs.
(2) Costs on appeal.
15 Appeal to Court of Appeal.
16 Separation of certain claims.
17 Hearing when objection and defence filed.
(2) Statement not to be invalidated.
18 Security for costs.
(2) Foreign claimants.
(3) Costs.
19 Withdrawal of claim.
(2) Consent to judgment on counterclaim.
(3) Defendant may consent to judgment
20 Failure of claimant to appear.
(2) Consideration of counterclaim.
21 Manner of service.
(2) Substitutional service.
(3) Date of service by registered mail.
(4) Service on a corporation.
(5) Service on partners.
22 Proof of service.