This is an unofficial archived version of The Federal Courts Jurisdiction Act
as enacted by SM 1987-88, c. 9 on July 17, 1987.

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R.S.M. 1987, c. C270

The Federal Courts Jurisdiction Act

Table of contents

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:



The Supreme Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Canada, or the Supreme Court of Canada alone, according to the provisions of the Acts of the Parliament of Canada known as the Supreme Court Act and the Federal Court Act have or has jurisdiction in cases of

(a) controversies between Canada and the Province of Manitoba;

(b) controversies between any other province of Canada, that may have passed an Act similar to this Act, and the Province of Manitoba.

Court to have use of court houses, etc.


Where sittings of any court of Canada or of any judge thereof are appointed to be held in any place in the province in which a court house is situated, the court or judge has, in all respects, the same authority as a judge of the Court of Queen's Bench at nisi prius in regard to the use of the court house and other building set apart for the administration of justice in the province.