R.S.M. 1987, c. C175

The Conservation Districts Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Purposes of Act.
3 Commission continued.
(2) Members and chairman.
(3) Factors to be considered in appointing members of the commission.
4 Rules of procedure.
(2) Remuneration of members.
5 Duties of commission.
6 Inquiries.
7 Establishment of Conservation Districts.
(2) Submission of proposal to commission.
(3) Submission of proposal to included municipalities.
(4) By-laws approving or disapproving proposal.
(5) Submission of proposal to Lieutenant Governor in Council.
(6) Minister may initiate proposal.
(7) Matters to be shown in Order in Council.
(8) Regulations Act not to apply to Order in Council.
(9) Notice to municipalities.
8 District boards.
(2) Composition of board.
(3) Chairman.
(4) Appointment of additional member.
(5) First meeting of board.
(6) Co-ordinator as chairman.
9 Sub-district committee.
(2) Ratepayer appointee for area 5 to 15 sq. miles.
(3) Ratepayer appointee for area less than 5 sq. miles.
(4) Failure to appoint committees.
(5) Inaugural meeting.
(6) Minister may appoint committee chairman.
10 Incorporation.
11 Seal.
12 Remuneration for board.
13 Appointment of staff.
(2) Appointment of staff.
14 Implementation of scheme.
15 Resolution of conflict with other Acts.
16 Duties of sub-district committee.
17 Annual budget
18 Rights of board relative to the supply of potable water.
19 Termination of municipal authority.
20 Transfer of authority.
21 Powers of board.
22 Right of entry.
23 Acquisition of land.
24 Variation, abolition or abandonment of districts or works.
25 Determination of annual levy.
(2) Amount required to pay Ioans.
(3) Amount to be raised.
26 Levy of taxes.
(2) Municipality to levy costs.
(3) Appeal of Municipal Board's determination of cost to municipality.
27 Special levy.
28 Borrowing.
29 Crediting of sundry receipts.
30 Gifts to board.
31 Investment of funds.
32 Accounting records.
(2) Audit.
33 Fiscal year.
34 Appeal from decision of board.
(2) Notice of hearing to interested parties.
(3) Disposition of appeal.
(4) Decision of commission final unless appealed.
35 Further appeal to Municipal Board.
(2) Disposition of appeal by Municipal Board.
(3) Effect of Municipal Board's decision.
36 Exemption from taxation.
37 Restriction on sales of land by municipality.
38 Responsibility respecting bridges.
39 Limitation on actions for compensation.
40 Exemption of board from certain damages.
(2) Notice of complainant
(3) Time for bringing action.
(4) Conditions arising from natural causes.
41 Personal liability of members of board.
42 Board member not to contract with board.
(2) Exception respecting salary and expenses.
(3) General.
(4) Exception with respect to shares in company.
43 Application of Act to Hydro Board, etc.
44 Offence and penalty.
45 Regulations.
46 Annual report