R.S.M. 1987, c. C110

The Civil Service Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
(2) Application of Act to agencies, etc.
(3) Provisions brought into force with respect to agency under former Act.
2 Application of Act.
3 Employment on special contract.
4 Civil Service Commission continued.
(2) Members may be part-time officers.
(3) Full time commissioner is civil servant.
(4) Action in case of vacancy, etc.
(5) Term of office.
(6) Suspension reported to assembly.
(7) Remuneration and expenses of commissioners.
(8) Quorum.
(9) Three members may sit as commission.
5 Duties of commission.
(2) Reports by commission.
(3) Delegation of signing powers of commission.
(4) Categories of employment.
(5) Categories defined.
6 Powers of commission to hold investigations.
7 Establishment of classification plan.
(2) Basis of plan.
(3) Contents of plan.
(4) Class titles.
(5) Use of class titles.
(6) Use of other titles.
(7) Use of class titles in plan.
8 Duties under statute, etc.
(2) Standards of classification.
(3) Qualification standards.
(4) Definition of duties of a position.
9 Change in classification.
(2) Pay where classification is changed.
(3) Promotion on reclassification.
10 Establishment of pay plan.
(2) Administration of pay plan.
(3) Rates of pay.
(4) Increase in rate of pay.
11 Rate of pay applicable.
(2) Change in position.
(3) Effect of change in position or anniversary.
(4) Change on anniversary date on certain promotions.
(5) Rate of pay on promotion.
(6) Rate of pay on transfer.
(7) Pay on demotion for other than disciplinary reasons.
12 Commission to determine rate of pay.
(2) Authority for paying.
(3) Commencement of pay.
(4) Remuneration limited to salary.
(5) Repayment of expenses.
(6) Deduction of value of food, lodging, clothing, etc.
13 Personnel selection.
(2) Selection based on merit
(3) Examinations and tests.
(4) Reliability and fitness of candidate.
(5) Physical and mental examination.
(6) Lists.
(7) Appointment of temporary employees.
(8) Selection appeal.
14 Preference in appointments.
(2) Preference to veterans, etc.
(3) Rate of pay on appointment
15 Appointments by commission.
16 Where approval of L. G. in C. not required.
17 Date and condition of appointment.
(2) Retroactive appointments.
18 Minister's secretaries.
(2) Termination of minister's secretary's employment.
19 Lay-off of an established employee.
(2) Placing of laid-off employee on re-employment list.
20 Resignations.
21 Appointments, etc., made under delegated authority.
22 Promotion on change of classification of position.
23 Permanent promotion to position held temporarily.
24 Regulations re conduct of members.
(2) Penalties for breach of discipline.
25 Suspension.
(2) Report of suspension.
(3) Extension of suspension.
(4) Rights of suspended employee.
(5) Limitation on remuneration of suspended employee.
26 Suspension by commission.
27 Effect of suspension on continuity of service.
28 Dismissal by Lieutenant Governor in Council.
29 Reclassification to lower class.
(2) Reclassification after appeal.
30 Retirement of employee for disability.
(2) Appeal.
(3) Retirement of employee.
(4) Effect of retirement.
31 General right of appeal.
(2) Basis of decision on appeal.
(3) Report on appeal.
(4) Regulations respecting appeals.
32 Appointment of deputy ministers, etc., and other technical officers.
33 Regulations respecting technical officers.
(2) Amendment of regulations.
34 Powers of deputy minister.
(2) Absence of deputy minister.
35 Appointment of temporary employee.
36 Personnel records, etc.
37 Loan of employees.
38 Incentive awards.
39 Payment.
40 Educational leave.
41 Oaths to be taken.
42 Improper solicitation of the commission.
(2) Decision as to nature of improper solicitation.
43 Attempt improperly to influence commission.
44 Rights of public servants respecting elections.
(2) Exception.
(3) Leave of absence.
(4) Soliciting of funds.
(5) Reinstatement of unsuccessful candidate.
(6) Leave of absence for member of House of Commons, etc.
(7) Agency employees.
(8) Coercion or intimidation prohibited.
45 Payment to dependant.
46 Joint council.
(2) Chairman.
(3) Persons attending in consultative capacity.
(4) Meetings.
(5) Duties.
47 Definition of "person authorized".
(2) Negotiations for collective agreement
(3) Collective agreement.
(4) Exclusion of certain employees.
48 Request for appointment of arbitration board.
(2) Statement of difficulties.
49 Constitution of board.
(2) Nomination by parties.
(3) Where no nomination, minister appoints member.
(4) Chairman nominated by other two members.
(5) Failure to nominate third member.
(6) Parties notified of members' names.
(7) Upon notice given board presumed duly established.
50 Person ceasing to be member.
51 Order of reference.
(2) Reconsideration of report.
52 Procedure.
(2) Time and place of sittings.
(3) Quorum.
(4) Majority decision.
(5) Majority report.
53 Witnesses and documents.
(2) Secrecy of information.
(3) Administration of oaths and reception of evidence.
54 Report to minister within specified time.
(2) Copy of report to parties.
55 Report and proceedings not evidence in other matters.
(2) Where subsec. (1) not applicable.
56 Effect of award.
(2) Coming into force of award.
57 Regulations.
(2) Public hearings.
(3) Notice of hearing.
(4) Approval of Lieutenant Governor in Council.
(5) The Regulations Act not to apply.
(6) Regulations subject to collective agreement.
58 Inquiries.
(2) Duty of person appointed.
59 Administration of Act.
60 Report of commission.
(2) Details of report.