R.S.M. 1987, c. C50

The Change of Name Act

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Table of Contents

1 Definitions.
2 Applicants and forms of application.
(2) Application by married person.
(3) Application by widower or widow.
(4) Application by unmarried parent
(5) Child of previous marriage.
(6) Director may dispense with notice.
(7) Where applicant married.
(8) Application of sec. 3.
(9) Consent of child over 12 years.
(10) Change of name of a married person.
(11) Application by divorced person, etc.
(12) Certain children not included.
(13) Application by agency.
(14) Application for change of name by separated persons.
(15) Change of name of children of separated persons.
3 Delay in registering change of name in certain cases.
(2) Application to Court of Queen's Bench.
(3) Notice to director.
(4) Disposition in Court of Queen's Bench.
4 Form of application.
5 Issue of a certificate.
(2) Public notice.
(3) Appeal.
6 Effect of registration and issue of certificate.
7 Records and index.
(2) Certified copy.
(3) Search.
(4) Certificate as evidence.
8 Notation on vital statistics records.
9 Substitution of new name in documents.
10 Fraud or misrepresentation.
(2) Annulment of change of name.
(3) Publication of annulment.
11 Order for return of certificate where change annulled.
12 Changes of name not under Act of no effect.
13 Mechanically reproduced signature.
(2) Validity of documents.
14 Regulations.