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The Attorney-General's Act

R.S.M. 1987, c. A170

The Attorney-General's Act

Table of Contents

1 Department of the Attorney General constituted.
2 Duties of Attorney General.
3 Appointments and remuneration.
4 Appointment of committees and duties.
(2) Personnel of committees and terms of office.
(3) Chairman and vice-chairman.
(4) Reports of committees.
(5) Powers of committees.
(6) Remuneration and expenses.
5 Authority for revisions.
(2) Powers of revising officer.
6 Appointment of Special Committee.
(2) New committee where House dissolved.
(3) Laying of drafts before committee.
7 Continuing consolidation.
(2) Referral to Special Committee.
8 Enactment of revised statutes.
9 Recovery of legal costs.
10 Legal aid scheme.
(2) Agreements.
(3) Regulations.
11 Definition of "trial".
12 Payment of fees to witnesses.
13 Fees to interpreters.
14 Regulations.
15 Additional fees and allowances.