RSM 1990, c. 225: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 225

The Winnipeg North-Eastern Railway Company Incorporation Act

1 Incorporators
2 "Manitoba Railway Act" to apply
3 Powers of the company
4 Telephone line for bridges for the use of the railway
5 Express business
6 Provisional directors
7 Capital stock
8 Head office
9 Form of deed of land to company
10 Directors may have contracts with the company
11 Liability of stockholders limited
12 Liability upon shares held in trust or pledge
13 Voting upon such shares
14 Powers of the directors
16 Leases and running arrangements with other railway lines
17 Grants and bonuses in aid
18 Purchase from, or sale to, another
19 Issue of bonds or debentures
20 Sale or pledge of the bonds, etc.
21 Provisions issues of bonds
22 Mortgage to secure the bonds, etc.
23 Bondholders to rank pro rata upon assets
24 Holders of bonds, etc., in default to have rights of shareholders
25 Transfer of bonds
26 Promissory notes and bills of exchange
27 Other borrowing powers
28 Filing of mortgages with Provincial Secretary
29 Company not to be a street railway company