RSM 1990, c. 211: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 211

The Western Extension Railway Company Incorporation Act

1 Incorporation
2 "Railway Act" to apply
3 Lines of railway to be constructed
4 Telegraph and telephone lines
5 Provisional directors
6 Capital stock
7 Bonuses and grants in aid
8 When first meeting of shareholders to be called
9 One votes for each share
10 Qualification of directors
11 Subsequent annual general meetings
12 Special general meetings
13 Who may be shareholders
14 Issue of bonds
15 Bonds to be first lien and charge on property of Company
16 Transfer of bonds
17 Calls on stock
18 Directors proxy
19 Agreement with Canadian Northern Railway Company
20 Filing of the agreement
21 What agreement may provide for
22 To be approved of by meetings of shareholders of both companies
23 Effect of amalgamation when completed
24 Rights of parties having claims against either company not to be affected
25 Actions not to abate upon amalgamation
26 Power to purchase other railway lines
27 And to lease other railways or to make running arrangements with other railway companies
28 Lease or sale to other company with approval of Government
29 Powers of directors
30 Facilities for loading of grain
31 Facilities for interchange of traffic with other railways
32 Commencement and completion of the railway
33 What power may be used
34 Acquisition of lands for parks, town sites, etc.
35 Issue of promissory notes and bills of exchange
36 Coming into force