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RSM 1990, c. 208: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 208

The Waskada and North-Eastern Railway Company Incorporation Act

1 Incorporation
2(1) Power to construct line of railway
3 Electric telegraph and telephone lines
4 Provisions of Manitoba Railway Act incorporated herewith
5 Provisional directors
6 Capital stock
7 When subscription for stock to bind company
8 Bonuses
9 Special general meetings how called
10 First general meeting
11 Annual general meeting
12 Number of directors. Quorum
13 Special general meetings
14 Form of deeds to company
15 Who may hold stock
16 Borrowing powers
17 Expropriation of lands
18 Time of commencment and completion of railway
19 Arrangements with other companies
20 Privileges as to loading of grain
21 Facilities for free interchange of traffic
22 Commencement of Act