RSM 1990, c. 145: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 145

The Public Markets Limited Incorporation Act

1 Names of incorporators
2 Capital
3 Head office
4 Powers of the corporation
5 All powers vested in the directors
6 Number of directors
7 Railway companies, being shareholder, to appoint the directors
8 Powers of the directors
10 Consent of Government necessary for transfer of shares
11 Borrowing powers
12 Government representative to attend all meetings
13 Access to books and report thereon
14 Charges for services
15 Tolls or rates must be approved by Government before being charged
16 Unlawful to vary charges fixed
17 Discrimination in charges forbidden
18 Penalty for violation of sections 15, 16 or 17
19 Complaints of discrimination, etc., may be dealt with by Government
20 Corporations Act to apply
21 Sale of property for public slaughter house
22 Legislative authority not exceeded
23(1) Power to establish public abbatoir
(2) Signatures on debentures
24 Directors to build up a sinking fund
25 Power to lease or dispose of abattoir and cold storage plant
26 Empowered to sell and dispose of hides and offal
27 L.-G.-in-Council to control rates and charges
28 Rates and charges must yield at least 7% unless directors consent otherwise
29 No preference or discrimination
32 To be a Public Act