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RSM 1990, c. 142: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 142

The Portage Southern Railway Company Incorporation Act

1 Names of corporators
2 Powers of company to construct a certain line of railway
3 Provisional directors
4 Capital stock, how divided and applied
5 Percentage to be paid up
6 Bonuses in aid of construction
7 General meeting after one-fifth of the stock subscribed for
8 Election of directors
9 Shareholders' Qualifications as voters
10 Qualifications of directors
11 Time and place of general meetings of shareholders
12 Special general meetings
13 Deeds of land to company form and registration of
14 All shareholders to have equal rights
15 Issue of bonds
16 Bonds to be issued under seal, etc.
17 Bonds to be a preferential claim on company
18 Unpaid bondholders to become qualified for directors in certain cases
19 Bonds transferable by delivery until registered
20 Calls on shares
21 Running arrangements with other lines
22 Leasing powers
23 Acquiring lands for stations, gravel pits, etc.
24 Power to construct bridges, etc.
25 Commencement and completion of railway
26 General Railway Act to apply