RSM 1990, c. 119: Table of Contents

R.S.M. 1990, c. 119

The Morden and North-Western Railway Company Incorporation Act

1 Incorporation
2 Interpretation
3 Railway Act of Manitoba to apply
4 Railways to be constructed
5 Telegraph and telephone lines
6 Express business
7 Provisional directors
8 Capital stock
9 When stock subscriptions to be binding on Company
10 Aid to railway
11 First meeting of shareholders for election of directors
12 One vote for each share
13 Qualification of directors
14 Subsequent annual general meeting
15 Head office of Company
16 Form of conveyance to Company
17 Who may be stockholders and directors
18 Issuing bonds
19 Bonds to be first lien and charge
20 If bonds in default holders to have rights and privileges of shareholders;
21 Transferring bonds before and after registration
22 Calls on stock
23 Directors may vote by proxy
24 Powers of amalgamation
25 Purchase of other railway lines
26 Lease and running arrangements with other railways
27 Sale or lease to another company
28 Acquisition of lands for purposes of the railway
29 Powers of the directors
30 Loading of grain into cars
31 Interchange of traffic with other railways
32 Time for commencement and completion
33 Company may use any kind of power
34 Town sites, parks, etc.
35 Bills of exchange and promissory notes of Company
36 Government to control rates