Municipal Acts

Updated to: June 19, 2024 (except as otherwise noted)

The title of an Act is a link to its consolidated version, which includes all amendments in force as of the date to which it has been updated. If the chapter number of the Act is a link, it is a link to the original Act without amendments.

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SM 1987-88, c. 52 An Act to validate By-law No 3678 of The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews Info
SM 1989-90, c. 11 The St. James-Assiniboia School Division No. 2 Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 12 The Taxation of The Canadian Pacific Railway Company by The City of Winnipeg Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 68, Sch.E (as enacted by SM 1990-91, c. 4, s. 10) The Beautiful Plains County Buildings Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 71 The Brandon Charter Info
SM 1989-90, c. 72 The Flin Flon Charter, formerly The City of Flin Flon Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 73 The Flin Flon Extension of Boundaries Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 75 The Manitoba Municipal Administrators Association Inc. Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 76 The Oakwood War Memorial Scholarship Board Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 77 The Portage la Prairie Charter, formerly The Portage la Prairie Charter Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 78 The Riverside Cemetery Board Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 79 The Shoal Lake Community Centre Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 80 The Souris and Glenwood Cemetery Board Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 81 The South Western Manitoba Lodge Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 82 The Sperling Joint Community Centre District Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 83 The Thompson Charter Info
SM 1989-90, c. 84 The Town of Morris Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 85 The Town of Winnipeg Beach Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 87 The Victoria Park Lodge Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 88 The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 89 The Virden and District Elderly Persons Housing Corporation Act Info
SM 1989-90, c. 93 The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach By-law Validation Act Info
SM 1999, c. 33 The Association of Manitoba Municipalities Incorporation Act Info
SM 2002, c. 39 The City of Winnipeg Charter

This version of the Act is updated to June 3, 2024. It does not include provisions or amendments that were enacted or came into force on June 4, 2024. See SM 2024, c. 9, s. 8 and the information table for this Act.

Info Regulations
SM 2005, c. 20 The Rural Municipality of Kelsey By-law No. 5/02 Validation Act Info