The Trans-Canada Highway Act
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C.C.S.M. c. T140 The Trans-Canada Highway Act
Enacted by Proclamation status (for any provisions coming into force by proclamation)

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RSM 1987, c. T140

• whole Act

– in force: 1 Feb 1988 (Man. Gaz.: 6 Feb 1988)

Amended by
SM 2000, c. 35, s. 82
SM 2001, c. 43, s. 64
SM 2018, c. 10, Sch. A, s. 59

• in force: 1 Mar 2019 (proclamation published: 8 Dec 2018)


C.C.S.M. c. T140

The Trans-Canada Highway Act

HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

Agreement with Government of Canada authorized


The Government of Manitoba, represented

by the Minister of Transportation and Government Services, or by any other member of the Executive Council designated for that purpose by order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, may

(a) enter into an agreement with the Government of Canada, or with any minister of the Crown representing the Government of Canada, providing for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair, of that part of a trans-Canada highway lying within the province; and

(b) do all things necessary or expedient to carry out any such agreement in conjunction with the Government of Canada; and in particular may institute and carry out such measures as are practicable and necessary for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair, of that part of a trans-Canada highway lying within the province.

S.M. 2001, c. 43, s. 64.

Trans-Canada highway a public work


Every highway, road, or other work begun, constructed, reconstructed, maintained, or repaired, under this Act or an agreement made under this Act, is a provincial trunk highway within the meaning of The Transportation Infrastructure Act; and that Act applies thereto except in so far as may be expressly provided to the contrary in the agreement.

S.M. 2000, c. 35, s. 82; S.M. 2018, c. 10, Sch. A, s. 59.

Expenditures provided from annual appropriation


All moneys required to be expended for the purpose of carrying out an agreement made under section 1 shall be paid from moneys authorized by an Act of the Legislature to be paid and applied for, or in respect of, highways, works incidental thereto, and rights-of-way therefor.