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The Sheriffs Act

C.C.S.M. c. S100

The Sheriffs Act

Table of Contents

1 Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs
(2) By whom appointments made
(3) Duties and remuneration of chief sheriff, sheriffs and deputies
(4) Authority of chief sheriff
(5) Authority of sheriffs
2 Security of sheriff and deputy sheriff
3 Effect of security
4 Appointment of constables by sheriff
5 Appointment of bailiffs, etc., by sheriff
6 Remuneration of sheriff
(2) Salary
7 Remuneration of deputy sheriff or bailiff
8 What payable by government
9 Books to be kept by sheriff
10 Fees to sheriff where no fee provided
11 Sheriff not obliged to receive writs until fees paid
12 Books, etc., to be property of government
13 Penalty for illegally holding books, etc.
14 Sheriff resigning or heirs may have access to books, etc.
15 Proceeding where sheriff's officer refuses to deliver up writs, etc.
(2) Service of notice
(3) Power of court or a judge
(4) How order enforced
16 Application for order for payment of sheriff's costs, fees and expenses
(2) How application made
(3) Power of court or a judge on application
(4) How order enforced
17 Summons to sheriff, etc.
(2) Application for summons
(3) Order of court on hearing
(4) Default of sheriff in obeying order
(5) Payment out of moneys to person aggrieved