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C.C.S.M. c. S12: Table of Contents

C.C.S.M. c. S12

The Sanatorium Board of Manitoba Act

1 Definitions
2 Continuation of The Sanatorium Board of Manitoba
3(1) Objects and aims of board
(2) Powers of board
(3) Acquiring and selling of property
4 Borrowing of money
5(1) Power to issue and sell securities
(2) Forms of securities
(3) Seal on bonds, etc.
(4) Signature on bonds, etc.
(5) Effect of mechanically reproduced seals, etc. on bonds
6 Board may accept gifts, devises, etc.
7(1) General meeting
(2) Persons entitled to attend and vote
8(1) Election of members
(2) Eligilibity
(3) Composition of board
(4) Filling of vacancies
9(1) Notice of general meeting
(2) Notice of meeting to certain persons
10(1) Officers of board
(2) Duties of officers
(3) Absence of vice-chairman
11 Quorum
12(1) Secretary and treasurer
(2) Committees
13 By-laws
14 Admission of persons
15 Recovery of cost of treatment from injured person
17 Councils of municipalities may make grants to board
18 Grants in aid to board