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The Public Servants Insurance Act

C.C.S.M. c. P270

The Public Servants Insurance Act

1 Definitions
2 Group insurance plan
3 Agreements with insurers
4(1) Fund
(2) Custody of fund
5(1) Investment of fund
(2) Disposal of investments
6(1) Administration of Act
(2) Administration of agreement
7(1) Accounts to be kept
(2) Where accounts kept and audit thereof
8(1) Payments into fund
(2) Group life insurance reserve
9(1) Triennial actuary report
(2) Other actuarial reports
(3) Tabling of reports
10 Costs and expenses payable out of fund
11 Cheques on fund
12(1) Deductions from salaries, etc.
(2) Remittance of deductions
12.1(1) Transfer of surplus
(2) Minister of Finance to receive amounts
13 Payment of premiums under agreements
14(1) Payments by agencies and employers
(2) Payments by government
15 Remittance of excess premiums
16 Information to be furnished
17 Contributions to M.L.A.'s premiums
18 Regulations