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The Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act

C.C.S.M. c. P265

The Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act

1 Definitions
2 (1) Disclosure required
(2) Consistent reporting required
3 (1) Manner of disclosure
(1.1) Disclosure by publicly funded bodies
(2) Information to be disclosed
(3) Police officers' names not to be disclosed
3.1 (1) Additional disclosure for technical officers
(2) When disclosure is to be made
(3) Form of disclosure determined by minister
(4) Section 2 disclosure not affected
3.2 (1) Protecting employee's identity when safety at risk
(2) Application process determined by minister
4 Payments under Legal Aid Manitoba Act
5 Payments under Health Services Insurance Act
6 (1) Inspection of information
(2) Copies to be provided
7 Minister may require information
8 Minister may order funding withheld
9 Compliance with Act not breach of other Act or agreement
9.1 (1) Indexing of amounts
(2) How indexing is to be done
10 L.G. in C. regulations
11 Repealed
12 C.C.S.M. reference
13 Coming into force