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The Municipal Affairs Administration Act

C.C.S.M. c. M230

The Municipal Affairs Administration Act

1 Definitions
2 Powers of assistant deputy minister
3 Advisory committees
4 Payment of expenses of members of committee
5 Certain officials to be officers of the department
6 Transfer of Municipal Commissioner's duties and powers
7 References to ministers
8 (1) Annual levies by minister
(2) Repealed
(3) Disposal of proceeds of levy
8.1 Levy for assessment costs by minister
9 Further levies by minister
10 Levies for police services
11 Levies on Local Government Districts
11.1 Local government districts continued as municipalities
12 Repealed
13 Striking of rate and levy in municipalities
14 Striking of rate and levy in local government districts, etc.
15 (1) Payment of moneys collected
(2) Payment of other moneys
(3) Separate accounts
(4) Payment of vouchers
(5) Investments
16 (1) Action to recover moneys
(2) Disposal of moneys so collected
17 (1) Statement or certificate as evidence
(2) Effect of statement or certificate formerly used
18 Mobility disadvantaged in rural Manitoba