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The Married Women's Property Act

C.C.S.M. c. M70

The Married Women's Property Act

1 Definition of "property"
2 Rights and obligations of a married woman
3 (1) Rights of married woman in property after coming into force of Act
(2) Exception
(3) Abolition of restraint upon anticipation
(4) When restraint deemed to have been imposed
4 (1) Restrictions of husband's liability
(2) Application of Highway Traffic Act
5 Saving provision
6 (1) Remedies of married woman for protection of property
(2) Actions in tort between spouses
(3) Remedies of married man for protection of property
7 (1) Summary disposal of questions
(2) Hearing
(3) Corporation's costs
(4) Appeal
8 Homesteads Act and Family Property Act
9 Uniform construction