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The Hotel Keepers Act

C.C.S.M. c. H150

The Hotel Keepers Act

1 Definitions
2 Lien for board and lodging
3 Responsibility for goods detained
4 Right to sell goods detained
5 Power to break open trunks, etc.
6 (1) Notice of sale to be given
(2) Contents of notice
(3) Application of proceeds of sale and proceeds
(4) Duty of Registrar
7 Liability of hotel keeper for the property of his guests
8 (1) Conditions whereby deposit made
(2) Receipt for property deposited
(3) Refusal of hotel keeper to receive valuables
9 (1) Responsibilities of hotel keepers, etc., in respect of personal effects
(2) Where checking room provided
10 Undesirable persons may be ejected
11 Exemptions under Executions Act not to apply