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The Gas Pipe Line Act

C.C.S.M. c. G50

The Gas Pipe Line Act

1 Definitions
2 Application of Act
3 (1) Authority for construction or operation of gas pipe lines
(2) Franchises subject to approval of board
4 (1) Limitation on grants of franchises to extra-provincial corporations, etc.
(2) Approval of terms by board
(3) Where franchises and contracts void
5 Application of P.U. Board Act
6 Plans, etc., for construction
7 Certificate as to construction
8 Inquiry respecting applications
9 (1) Alteration to be approved
(2) Connections to existing lines
10 Inspection of installation
11 Liability insurance
12 Approval of rates
13 Designation of gas transmission lines
14 Permit for construction
15 (1) Application for construction permit
(2) Further information
(3) Copy of material for Minister responsible for highways
(4) Entry on land for surveys, etc.
16 Notice of application
17 Circumstances to be considered
18 Public hearing by board
19 (1) Reference to L. G. in C.
(2) Order as to granting of construction permit
20 (1) Authority to operate
(2) Alteration of conditions as to operation
21 (1) Filing of plan in L.T.O.
(2) Preparation of plan
22 (1) Alteration in gas transmission line
(2) Making of alteration
(3) Powers of minister respecting alteration
23 Order to alter gas transmission line
24 (1) Construction across or near highways
(2) Form of consent
25 (1) Notice to remedy default
(2) Revocation or suspension of permit
(3) Revocation on request of permittee
26 (1) Definition of "right of user"
(2) Form of grant of right of user
(3) Documents to accompany grant of right of user
(4) Conditions of expropriation
(5) Effect of right of user
(6) Previous registrations
(7) Terms and conditions of approved form
27 (1) Expropriation of land
(2) Expropriation of right of user
(3) Agreement before expropriation
(4) Limitation on right of expropriation
(5) Expropriation of additional land
(6) Construction across highways
(7) Manner of entry upon and use of lands
(8) Deposit of plans before expropriation
28 (1) Working mines and minerals near gas transmission line
(2) Application for leave to work mines and minerals
(3) Notice of application
(4) Grant of leave to work mines and minerals
29 Assignment of construction permit
30 Address for service
31 Liability for damage to highways
32 Compensation for damage
33 (1) Manner of construction
(2) Requirements respecting highways
34 Repealed
35 (1) Regulations
(2) Repealed
36 Obstruction or damage to gas pipe line
37 Penalty for contravention of Act or regulations
38 Obstructing the minister an offence