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The Change of Name Act

C.C.S.M. c. C50

The Change of Name Act

Table of Contents

1 Definitions
(2) Registered common-law relationship
2 Requirements
(2) Form of application
(2.1) Fingerprinting required
(2.2) Duties of agency taking fingerprints
(2.3) No decision until fingerprinting confirmed
(3) Refusal by director of application
(4) Appeal
3 Application and consent by committee or substitute decision maker
4 Change of name of children by parent
(2) Application where notice is required
(3) Consent of child
(4) Application by guardian
5 Director may dispense with notice
(2) Director may dispense with consent
6 Application to court
(2) Notice to director
(3) Delay in registering change of name
7 Issue of a certificate
(2) Public notice
(3) Director may waive public notice
(4) Effect of registration and issue of certificate
(5) Records and index
(6) Certified copy or extract
(7) Search and report on search
(8) No search where no publication
(9) Certificate as evidence
(10) Notation on vital statistics record
(11) Substitution of new name in documents
(12) Mechanically reproduced signature
(13) Validity of documents
8 Hearing to annul name change
(2) Order
(3) Appeal
(4) Publication of annulment
(5) Obtaining change of name by fraud or misrepresentation
(6) Use of name obtained by fraud or misrepresentation
(7) Use of name after refusal or annulment
(8) Failure to surrender certificate
(9) Use of certificate issued under previous name
9 Effect of changes under other statutes
10 Election of surname by spouse or common-law partner
(2) Resuming name after divorce, etc.
(3) Declaration by common-law partner
(4) Documents issued
(5) Documents issued to certain persons
(6) Form of election or resumption of surname certificate
(7) Effect of filing declaration under subsection (3)
10.1 Authorized agencies
(2) Duties of authorized agencies
10.2 Agreements with RCMP
11 Regulations
12 Repeal
14 Commencement of Act