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C.C.S.M. c. A80: Table of Contents

C.C.S.M. c. A80

The Anatomy Act

1 Definitions
2 Provincial divisions
3(1) Appointment of inspectors
(2) Medical practitioners etc., not to be appointed
4(1) Bodies unclaimed for 48 hours
(2) Claim by preferred claimant
(3) Rights of preferred claimant
(4) Exception
5(1) Persons entitled to claim
(2) Acceptance or postponement of claim
(3) Right of appeal
(4) Waiver of claim
(5) to (7)
(8) Making of claim
(9) Burial of claimed body
6(1) Body to be delivered to university
(2) Disposal of body not required by university
7(1) When post-mortem prohibited
(2) Possession for anatomical studies
(3) Limitation on embalming
(4) Authority of medical examiner
8 Fees payable to inspector
9 Fees payable to authorized person
10 Bodies to be held 28 days
11(1) Claim subsequent to delivery to authorized person
(2) Claims subsequent to use of body for anatomical studies
12 Burial after anatomical studies
13 Possession of body for anatomical studies
(2) Authorization of the minister
15 Notice to relatives
16(1) Death of a person in an institution
(2) Contents of notice
(3) Notice from sub-inspector to inspector
17(1) Body to be held subject to directions of inspector
(2) Safe and proper keeping of body
18(1) Notice to university
(2) Notice by university
19 Delivery of body to university
20(1) Delivery of body not required for anatomical studies
(2) Delivery of body to authority
21 Receipt for body following delivery by inspector
22 Inspector to file certificate with the Director of Vital Statistics
23 Current returns to minister
24 Regulations
25 Offence and penalty
26 Human Tissue Gift Act