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Information table

Continuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba
Information Table

Information table updated to: May 17, 2022

C.C.S.M. c. W167 The Witness Security Act
Enacted by Proclamation status (for any provisions coming into force by proclamation)

SM 2008, c. 7

• whole Act

– in force: 15 Aug 2009 (Man. Gaz.: 22 Aug 2009)

Amended by
SM 2009, c. 32, s. 105

• in force: 1 Jun 2012 (Man. Gaz.: 2 Jun 2012)

SM 2014, c. 4
SM 2021, c. 11, s. 65

• in force: 26 Feb 2022 (proclamation published: 18 Feb 2022)

Note: This table does not include any changes made pursuant to The Statutes and Regulations Act. See the table of corrections and minor amendments for the changes made pursuant to that Act.

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