Continuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba

Legislative history (C.C.S.M. c. P20) updated to: July 10, 2024

C.C.S.M. c. P20 The Provincial Parks Act
Enacted by Proclamation status (for any provisions coming into force by proclamation)
SM 1993, c. 39

• whole Act except s. 40

– in force: 3 Aug. 1996 (Man. Gaz.: 27 July 1996)

Amended by
SM 2000, c. 35, s. 66
SM 2001, c. 43, s. 50
SM 2009, c. 5, s. 31
SM 2010, c. 25, s. 8

• in force: 15 July 2014 (proclamation published: 27 June 2014)

SM 2013, c. 54, s. 56
SM 2014, c. 27, s. 68

• in force: 15 June 2015 (proclamation published: 11 June 2015)

SM 2015, c. 4, s. 25

• in force: 1 Oct. 2015 (proclamation published: 22 Sept. 2015)

SM 2015, c. 43, s. 36
SM 2020, c. 5, s. 3
SM 2021, c. 5, s. 36
SM 2021, c. 11, s. 65

• in force: 26 Feb. 2022 (proclamation published: 18 Feb. 2022)

SM 2021, c. 45, s. 19

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Minor changes and corrections made under section 25 of The Statutes and Regulations Act
Date Authority Affected provision Change or correction
13 Jan. 2016 25(2)(o) s. 35 Replaced section with "Expired."
General information about corrections and minor changes

The Statutes and Regulations Act requires Manitoba legislation to be published on the Manitoba Laws website. Under subsection 25(1) of the Act, the chief legislative counsel is required to correct consolidation and publication errors. Under subsection 25(2) of the Act, the chief legislative counsel may make minor corrections or changes to the consolidated version of an Act or regulation without changing its legal effect.

Notice of the following types of minor changes must be given:

  • replacing a description of a date or time with the actual date or time; [s. 25(2)(f)]
  • replacing a reference to a bill or any part of a bill with a reference to the resulting Act or part of the Act after the bill is enacted and assigned a chapter number; [s. 25(2)(g)]
  • removing a reference to a contingency in a provision that is stated to come into effect when or if that contingency occurs, if that contingency has occurred, or is required as a result of removing such a reference; [s. 25(2)(h)]
  • updating a reference to a person, office, organization, place or thing if an Act provides that references to it are deemed or considered to be references to another person, office, organization, place or thing; [s. 25(2)(i)]
  • updating a reference to reflect a change in the name, title, location or address of a person, office, organization, place or thing, other than
    • a change in the name or title of a document adopted or incorporated by reference unless it was adopted or incorporated as amended from time to time, and
    • a change in the title of a minister or the name of a department; [s. 25(2)(j)]
  • updating a reference to a minister or department when, under subsection 5(3) of The Executive Government Organization Act, the Act is to be read as if it were amended as necessary to give effect to an order in council made under that Act; [s. 25(2)(k)]
  • correcting an error in the numbering of a provision or other portion of an Act, or making a change to a cross-reference required as a result of such a correction; [s. 25(2)(l)]
  • correcting an obvious error in a cross-reference, if it is obvious what the correction should be; [s. 25(2)(m)]
  • if a provision of a transitional nature is contained in an amending Act, incorporating it as a provision of the consolidated Act and make any other changes that are required as a result; [s. 25(2)(n)]
  • removing a provision that is deemed by The Interpretation Act to have been repealed because it has expired, lapsed or otherwise ceased to have effect. [s. 25(2)(o)]

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