C.C.S.M. c. W70

The Water Resources Administration Act

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1 Definitions
(1) and (2)
(3) Scope of administration
(4) Responsibility of minister for works authorized or required by statute
2.1(1) Exception re floodway expansion
(2) Restricting access to floodway
3 Officers and employees
4(1) Costs
(2) Expenditure of appropriations made for water control
5 Rights of minister with respect to water control works
6(1) Agreements with local authorities and other authorities
(2) Agreements with other governments
7 Provisions applicable to contracts respecting water control works, etc.
8 Public water control works in unorganized territory
9(1) Acquisition of real property
(2) Acquisition of personal property
(3) Use of lands by local authority
10(1) Disposal of property acquired for water control works
(2) Disposal of property under $500 in value
(3) "Trade-in" not a "sale"
(4) Sale of materials to local authorities
(5) Land dealt with under Crown Lands Act
11(1) Closing or abandoning water control works
(2) Closing of works on Crown land
(3) Registration of order in council
(4) Disposal of land
(5) Effect of order in council
(6) Effect of vesting in owner in adjoining land
(7) Duties of district registrar re mortgage, etc.
12 Proceeds of sale of property
13(1) Designation of provincial waterways
(2) Abandonment of provincial waterways
(3) Orders in council not regulations
14(1) Government to have jurisdiction over provincial waterways
(2) Jurisdiction of abandoned provincial waterway
(3) Bridges over natural water channels
(4) Prohibition against placing materials, etc.
(5) Responsibility of person placing materials, etc., on provincial waterways
15 Construction, etc., of provincial waterway
16(1) Prohibitions within designated reservoir areas
(2) Compliance with conditions
(3) Exception
(4) Permit
(5) Cancellation of permit
(6) Appeal to Municipal Board
(7) Removal of buildings, etc.
17(1) Prohibitions within designated flood areas
(2) Further prohibitions
(3) Two-stage permit
(3.1) Two stages of permit
(3.2) Time to issue permit
(3.3) Exception to two-stage permit
(3.4) Minister may issue stop work order
(3.5) Warrant
(4) Cancellation of two-stage permit
(5) Application for variation
(6) Order for variation
(7) Appeal to Municipal Board
(8) Trial de novo
(9) Filing of order in land titles office
(10) Effect of non-compliance with floodproofing criteria
(10.1) Inspection re compliance with floodproofing criteria
(10.2) Caveat re non-compliance with floodproofing criteria
(11) Removal of caveat
(11.1) Inspectors
(12) Memorials on Certificates of Title
(13) Removal of buildings, etc.
18(1) Evacuation order
(2) Compliance with order
(3) Exceptions
(4) Regulations Act not to apply
(5) Right of entry
(6) Work related to dyking systems
19(1) Power of minister as to contracts
(2) Duty to invite tenders
(3) Where lowest tender not accepted
(4) Execution of contracts
(5) Security for performance of contracts
(6) Contracts to inure to Her Majesty
20 Right of entry
21 Power of minister to require delivery of plans, etc.
22 Actions brought by Attorney-General
23(1) Arbitration
(2) Where tender not accepted
(3) Security
(4) Appeal
(5) No arbitration where minister has power to decide
24 Certified copies of plans, etc.
25(1) Authority to minister to delegate powers
(2) Limitations to be observed in exercising delegated powers
26(1) Regulations
(2) Restrictions on designated reservoir area
(3) Other Acts
27(1) Offence and penalty
(2) Continuing offence
28(1) Injury to water control works
(2) Order for repair of damage
(3) Work done by minister
29 Offence and penalty