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The Special Survey Act

C.C.S.M. c. S190

The Special Survey Act

1 Direction that special survey may be made
2 Survey to be made under guidance of Registrar-General
3 Notice of time and place for hearing objections to plan
4 Appointment of Municipal Board to hear complaints
5 Written statement of objections to plans
6 Minister to remit matter to Municipal Board for hearing
7 Adjournment of hearing
8 Evidence
9 Subpoenas
10 Fees for subpoenas
11 (1) Disposition of complaints by Municipal Board
(2) Submission of order and survey to Registrar-General
12 Approval of plan
13 Repealed
14 (1) Appeal from Municipal Board order
(2) Extension of time for appeal
(3) Application to court for hearing date
(4) Service of notice of appeal on parties
(5) Disposition of appeal
(6) Variation of special survey to be approved
15 Repealed
16 Registration of approved plan
16.1 Definition
17 and 18 Repealed
19 Repealed
20 Repealed