C.C.S.M. c. O8: Table of Contents

C.C.S.M. c. O8

The Occupiers' Liability Act

1(1) Definitions
(2) More than one occupier
2 Common law rules abolished
3(1) Occupiers' duty
(2) Application of duty
(3) Assumption of risk
(4) Duty of care respecting off-road vehicles
(4.1) Duty of care respecting recreational trails
(5) Higher standard of care
4(1) Extension, restriction, etc. of duty
(2) Restriction, etc. to be reasonable
(3) Notice of restriction, etc.
(4) General limitation on restriction, etc.
(5) Application to former contracts
5(1) Damage caused by independent contractor
(2) Liability imposed under other Acts
(3) Application of subsection (1) where more than one occupier
6(1) Duty of care of landlord
(2) Application to subleases
(3) Default must be actionable by occupier
(4) No restriction on other duties
(5) Application to statutory leases, etc.
(6) Application of section to existing leases
7 Application of Tortfeasors and Contributory Negligence Act
8(1) Crown bound
(2) Exceptions for Crown
9(1) Exemption for municipalities
(2) General exceptions
9.1 Regulations
10 Transitional